Gem Stones

Markers of Healthy Relationships

Jamie Eubanks

May 12, 2019 - June 9, 2019

The biggest movie to hit the big scene this Spring is the final segment of the ten-year Marvel experiment known as the Avengers. It's the culmination of twenty-two movies, all leading to the climax centered around the villan, Thanos, finding and bringing together six infinity stones (or gems).These gems represent things like power, reality and have the ability to shape and reshape the world we live in. 

But long before the Avengers and Thanos were looking for fictitious gemstones across the galaxy, Jesus offered us an alternative to things like power, might and control. When asked to name the greatest commandment, Jesus summarized all of them with two simple commands: love God and love others as yourself. In other words, it's all about relationships.

We live surrounded by a web of different relationships and all of them have an impact on us, shaping our identity, our happiness, and our well-being. God's desire is to recover and restore relationships from what they often are to all they can be. 

Throughout this series, we'll be collecting our own "gem stones," as we look at how to move into deeper and healthier relationships with others. Gems like: love, responsibility, communication, honesty and time are the gems worth collecting in our lives. These are the "gems" that truly have the ability to shape and reshape the world we live in.