Church Leadership

How FCC’s Leadership is Organized

Our church leadership is broken up into three ministry teams:  Administrative, Finance, and Caring & Nurturing.  Each team consists of seven (7) members and they are chosen following the guidelines outlined in our by-laws.  Each of these teams tries to meet monthly with all meetings open to anyone in our congregation with a few exceptions as noted in the by-laws.

At least three times a year (more if necessary), all three teams meet together in one big meeting called The Ministry Table.  At this large meeting, each team shares their monthly reports and The Ministry Table discusses any items concerning business that requires input from all three teams.

Below are the three teams and their areas of responsibility.

Administrative Team

The Administrative Team shall ensure that First Christian Church is operating in a manner that best makes ministries possible by overseeing the day-to-day operations of the Church.  This team is responsible for the following areas of concern:  property, personnel, review of policies and procedures, historical records, and child protection. Larry Anderson currently serves as Chair of the Administrative Team. Contact him at

Caring and Nurturing

The Caring and Nurturing Team shall equip disciples for ministry and support nurturing ministries within the Church. It shall plan and provide training to promote ministry success for members and friends.

This team is responsible for the following areas of concern:  discipleship, worship, ministry training, Christian education, nurture of visitors and members, and maintaining membership records. Betty Sanders is chair of this team in 2018.

Finance Team

It shall be the purpose of the Finance Team to oversee the finances of the Church, including all funds.

This team is responsible for the following areas of concern:  stewardship, annual budget preparation and oversight throughout the year of income and expenses, oversight of our permanent endowment funds, and promoting most of our special offerings.

Judy Davenport serves as Chair of the Finance Team as well as Church Treasurer.

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